Medium Voltage Switchgear:
As an authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer for Cutler Hammer and General Electric, we are competitive on any standard, medium voltage (2.4 kV-35 kV) switchgear line up. The ability to integrate different manufacturer's equipment into standard lineups and to make non-standard lineups gives PPCS an edge. For example, we have built a 13.8 kV Cutler Hammer 10 breaker lineup with GE relays and a non-standard size for about the same price but with better delivery than factory supplied gear. We also offer free consultation by experienced engineers to help you choose the best product to fit your needs.

Low Voltage Switchgear:
In addition to the medium voltage switchgear, several different brands of low voltage switchgear including GE, Cutler Hammer, Square D, and Allen Bradley are offered. We differentiate ourselves from distributors by having the ability to add any customized feature and providing on site engineering support. We also offer power circuit breakers, molded case breakers and insulated case breakers.

Medium Voltage Motor Starters:
As an OEM, we build both Cutler Hammer AMPGARDTM and GE LIMITAMPTM medium voltage starters. Our expertise with power distribution and high voltage techniques insures you will get the proper starter for your application.

Medium Voltage Switches:
Medium voltage load-break disconnect switches, of our own design, are also available. These switches are rated at either 600A or 1200A . The switches may be custom designed to connect to any transformer or lineup. We also have the capability to manufacture this switch out of stainless steel insuring durability in any type environment.

Protective Relay Panels
To help fill the need of our utility customers, PPCS has the ability to manufacture substation relay panels. Typically the relay panels are made of mild steel that will be primed and painted; however, panels may be manufactured from other materials as well. These panels can be custom designed by our engineering group, built to third party specifications or any combination of the two. As an example, our customer may specify the relay manufacturer they prefer and allow our engineering team to provide relay models and protection scheme (based upon and subject to customer feedback and approval), a three line diagram(s), relay panel wiring diagram(s), elementary diagram(s), interconnect diagram(s), etc. This allows the end user flexibility in a cost effective, high quality solution to their needs.

The engineering staff at PPCS has an abundance of power distribution experience. Not only do all our engineers have electrical engineering degrees from accredited universities, but most are licensed professional electrical engineers and have post graduate degrees in engineering as well. The following engineering services are available from our staff:

  • Short circuit, relay coordination, and arc flash analysis using the latest version of industry leading software packages
  • Plant electrical system studies, including power quality monitoring
  • Conceptual engineering packages, including budgetary costs
  • Relay testing and setting
  • On site electrical starter and breaker testing
  • Start up assistance for motor starters, breakers and relay panels
  • High Voltage consultation
  • Operation and Maintenance training
  • Design of enclosures, control panels, relay panels, walk in control stations and other custom equipment as required
  • Power factor correction capacitors, at any voltage and in a variety of enclosures
  • High potential testing of cables and equipment

Plant Power & Control Systems L.L.C. also offers construction and/or installation services of power distribution equipment, both on a normal and emergency basis. Should the need arise; we stock various types of emergency equipment including bus bar and Okonite cable. Response to any emergency situation will be quick and efficient. At PPCS, an engineer is typically provided with each job to insure the work is properly done with no shortcuts that may cause future problems.

Drawings are routinely done using AutoCAD for all equipment we provide. These services are again custom tailored to the client's needs. PPCS strives to neither over nor under engineer a project. Our goal is to leave the client with an affordable, accurate and high quality package at a reasonable cost.